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Cinema program "Colo" in Warszawa

Cinema   Tuesday, 27 October
Morning Afternoon Evening
Atlantic 20:10 ticket
Cinema City Arkadia 2d 13:40 ticket 19:00 ticket 21:20 ticket
Cinema City Bemowo 2d 20:10 ticket
Cinema City Białołęka 2d 17:40 ticket 20:00 ticket
Cinema City Janki 2d 14:20 ticket 19:20 ticket
Cinema City Mokotów 2d 15:10 ticket 17:40 ticket 20:10 ticket
Cinema City Promenada 2d 12:10 ticket 16:50 ticket 19:15 ticket 21:40 ticket
Cinema City Sadyba 2d 16:45 ticket 18:50 ticket 21:10 ticket
Luna 18:15 ticket
Multikino Młociny 19:45 ticket
Multikino Targówek 20:15 ticket
Multikino Ursynów 19:40 ticket 21:15 ticket
Movie poster Gniazdo
Original title: Colo
Runtime: 136 min.
Production: Portugalia/Francja , 2017
Category: drama
Release Date: 19 January 2018
Distribution: Bomba Film

Directed by: Teresa Villaverde
Cast: Joao Pedro Vaz, Alice Albergaria Borges, Beatriz Batarda

The so-called festival cinema and the so-called genre cinema are usually two different fairy tales. In the extremely simplified, extremely unjust and streaked with extreme snobbery of vision, the division of duties is as follows: the first one feeds on innovation, the second on codification. Either way: the cinema itself creates its own language, and the genre cinema uses the language of the ready. In this classification, however, the trivial truth is lost that the directors-authors do not act in a vacuum, that they themselves are part of certain traditions and use certain conventions. In other words: as part of the author's cinema, we also find realizations that could be called genres. These are films created by some fashions, tendencies, more or less common. The Portuguese "Colo" is just one of them - for good and for bad.

Teresa Villaverde's film is a model example of post-antionionist cinema, a cinema often referred to as the epithet of "slow". The drawer is of course extremely capacious, but "Colo" is quite close to the starting formula. As once Antonioni, the director takes social problems to the workshop, but talks about them indirectly, through the prism of heroes' existential struggles. The story - it dilutes. Theater manifestations - tones. (...)

"Colo" is about a family. My husband does not work and stays at home all day, losing contact with reality more and more. His wife is on two jobs, still absent. Daughter, Marta, only apathetically checks out for the evening to be able to wander again somewhere after the night with her closest friend, Júlia. In the course of the film, these four will experience a series of vicissitudes: unwanted pregnancy, unsuccessful extortion, suicide attempt and identity change. Villaverde, however, can not be carried away by the drama of these events, he will talk about them with a constant distance. A little as if she was watching a cage where creatures were closed about some eccentric, incomprehensible customs. Is this a case scenario that Marta herself has just a domesticated bird she's keeping in her cage? One day, the animal falls into a strange disease and dies - a bit symbolically, and a little bit, yes. (...)

In one of the first scenes, Marta comes home and finds her father, nervous and convinced that his wife has just left him. This, however, comes back a moment later - he claims, from work - and waves his hand at a similar absurdity. On the other day, the teenager notices his mother at dinner with a strange man. Is it her lover, evidence that my father actually had cause for concern? It's hard to say, the character appears in one scene, pronounces a polite "good morning" and goes out to never come back. A similar fate awaits many heroes and many threads. A bit like the world of Marta slowly falling apart in front of her eyes, evaporated: the father is unemployed, the mother is still absent, and in their apartment they have turned off the electricity. What is going on? As you do not know what, it's known that for money. There is no surprise: the main topic of the film is the great repression of the entire country - the crisis.

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