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Touch Me Not

Directed by: Adina Pintilie

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Movie poster Touch Me Not
Original title: Touch Me Not
Runtime: 125 min.
Production: Rumunia/Niemcy/Czechy/Bułgaria/Francja , 2018
Category: drama
Release Date: 16 November 2018
Distribution: Nowe Horyzonty

Directed by: Adina Pintilie
Cast: Laura Benson, Tomas Lemarquis, Christian Bayerlein

Awarded with the Golden Bear on Berlinale, Touch Me Not not only touches the subject of the body, sexuality or intimacy, but simply touches it. In one of the scenes, the sex-couch hits the heroine with a fist in the chest and Adina Pintilie's movie is such a strong blow. Only from ourselves, from our relationship with our own body depends on how we respond to it - screaming, sobbing, withdrawal, shame. The protagonists of Touch Me Not are Laura (Benson, she played, among others, in Dangerous relationships), Tómas (Lemarquis, known from Nói Albinói Dagura Káriego) and Christian (Bayerlein): a mature woman hiding sadness and anger in a slammed body crust and two young men . One completely devoid of hair, the other suffering from muscular dystrophy, moving on a wheelchair. In an interview with Piotr Czerkawski for Filmweb, Pintilie, however, emphasizes: Although all of them carry the same names in the film as they actually do, they can not be considered to present a complete picture of themselves on the screen. At most, they create variations about themselves. The adventure to which the director invites us, and in which the most important role is played by the touch, makes us rethink categories: beauty, attractiveness, norms. The debut of young Rumania is a very brave film, mostly improvised, situated between a documentary, psychodrama, story and performance art. He is more experienced than watching. Cinema rarely in such an open, mature way deals with the body, throwing them on the prey of pornography. Pintilie returns them to us, viewers, so that we would be able to feel, understand, and love this neglected, shameful body.

Małgorzata Sadowska

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