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Two Tails

Directed by: Victor Azeev

Cinema program "Two Tails" in Warszawa

Cinema   Monday, 18 June
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Cinema City Arkadia 2d dub 11:40 ticket 13:30 ticket
Cinema City Bemowo 2d dub 12:10 ticket
Cinema City Janki 2d dub 11:40 ticket
Cinema City Mokotów 2d dub 11:00 ticket 15:30 ticket
Cinema City Promenada 2d dub 13:20 ticket
Cinema City Sadyba 2d dub 12:30 ticket 16:30 ticket
Multikino Targówek dub 10:00 ticket 11:30 ticket
Multikino Ursynów dub 10:00 ticket
Multikino Wola dub 10:10 ticket
Movie poster Futrzaki ruszają na ratunek
Original title: Two Tails
Runtime: 75 min.
Production: Rosja , 2017
Category: animation
Release Date: 25 May 2018
Distribution: Forum Film

Directed by: Victor Azeev

Maksiu is a cat who dreams of a musical career and great fame. Nature, however, possessed him with talent, and the constant singing exercise deprived him of his roof over his head. Thrown out by his master, he finds shelter on Bobo's forest island, a beaver who values ​​peace and quiet the most in the world. A shared flat is burdensome for both furry, especially so different from each other. However, when they face an unearthly catastrophe, they will move to the rescue of other animals and will find that the most important thing in life is friendship and help for those who need it.

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Average rate: 1.0
rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0
8 votes. | Rate movie
IMDb© rate: Futrzaki ruszają na ratunek on IMDb

Movie trailer: Two Tails

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