Nuestro tiempo

Directed by: Carlos Reygadas

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Original title: Nuestro tiempo
Runtime: 177 min.
Production: Meksyk , 2018
Category: drama
Release Date: 19 June 2020
Distribution: Gutek Film

Directed by: Carlos Reygadas
Cast: Carlos Reygadas, Natalia Lopez, Phil Burgers

In his sensual, predatory movie, Carlos Reygadas ("Post Tenebras Lux", "Silent Light", "Japón") talks about marriage in crisis, which leads to the edge of the abyss decision to open a relationship. The director and his wife Natalia López played the main roles of jealous, crazy and jealousy of his partner with other partner Esther. On screen they are accompanied by their own children, Ruth and Eleazar Reygadas. Our time, however, has nothing to do with exhibitionism. First of all, the intimate questions are about relationships, passions and desires; and above all, the sincerity with which the creator shares them with viewers.

The film is set in a Mexican province, in a family of wealthy farmers who combine hard work on the ranch with a passion for art. Juan and Esther's stable relationship shakes violently when a woman engages in an affair with the American "horse whisperer." Injured Juan desperately tries to control his emotions, regain lost control and save the marriage. In the provocative "Our time" Reygadas equally boldly portrays screen sex, which talks about love. It flawlessly gets to the heart of the conflict that is taking place in each of us. Torn between the need for security and the need for excitement, we want to protect our loved ones while fulfilling all our desires. How to reconcile obligations with the yearning for total freedom?

The scenery of this internal struggle was made by a Mexican director overwhelmingly beautiful, and at the same time a wild and raw Mexican interior. Watching the fighting bulls and struggling people, Reygadas shows how culture creates a dam for instincts, how it turns desire, aggression and passion into music or film. But it also indicates the threat that technology has become for the unions. The ease of travel and access to various forms of communication tempts with promises of other loves, different lives. The title "Our time" has therefore a private dimension and a wider social dimension in Reygadas.

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