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The Nest

Directed by: Sean Durkin

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Movie poster Gniazdo
Original title: The Nest
Runtime: 107 min.
Production: Wlk. Brytania/Kanada , 2020
Release Date: 9 October 2020
Distribution: M2 Films

Directed by: Sean Durkin
Cast: Carrie Coon, Jude Law, Anne Reid

Rory gets a job offer and urges his wife, Allison, to move to London, where she finally has a chance to earn a lot of money and live the luxurious life she has always dreamed of. Regardless of the cost, she rents an impressive property in the suburbs, and when the coveted prestige and high social position seem to be at hand, Rory goes a step further and breaks all the rules, taking more and more risks. Unscrupulous in pursuing his goal, he falls into a spiral of lies, and features begin to appear in a seemingly perfect married life. The great house reveals mutually hidden secrets, and what seemed to be a real idyll on the outside turns out to reveal the true faces of the spouses behind closed doors.

text: Kino Atlantic

Average rate: 9.0
rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0
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JOVANNA 15. October 2020, 14:13

Bardzo dobry film. Polecam! Nic nie jest takie piękne, jak się wydaje. Pozory mylą.Banały,ale w jakiej ciekawej odsłonie.

Adam 9. October 2020, 21:12

Niezły. Warto obejrzeć.

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