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Storm Boy

Directed by: Shawn Seet

Cinema program "Storm Boy" in Warszawa

Cinema   Monday, 18 February
Morning Afternoon Evening
KINOkawiarna Stacja Falenica dub 16:00
Wisła dub 12:00
Movie poster Chłopiec z burzy
Original title: Storm Boy
Runtime: 99 min.
Production: Australia , 2019
Category: adventure / drama / family
Release Date: 18 January 2019
Distribution: Monolith

Directed by: Shawn Seet
Cast: Jai Courtney, Geoffrey Rush, David Gulpilil

A funny, moving and wise story of an extraordinary friendship that gives strength for life.

Laureate of Oscar GEOFFREY RUSH in the screening of one of the most beautiful novels for young viewers.

A few-year-old Michael lives with his dad in a small hut on the shore of the ocean. One day while playing on the beach, he finds three orphan tiny pelicans. This is how an extremely moving, humorous and adventurous story begins with the friendship of a boy with one of the pelicans, called Mr. Percival. A story about how much they can give and how much they can learn from each other. The learning of flying, the fight against poachers hunting for coastal birds and endless common fools, strengthen the extraordinary bond between Michael and the animal. In the end, however, comes the moment when the pelican is growing up, and the boy has to leave the house on the beach. Is their friendship able to survive?
After many years, a wealthy businessman Michael Kingsley (Geoffrey Rush) returns to his homeland to tell his beloved granddaughter about an extraordinary childhood friend. Standing at the threshold of life summaries, he understands that this is not a family fortune, but this extraordinary story is something the most valuable, which can be conveyed by Madeline.

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Movie trailer: Storm Boy

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Kinomanka 40+ 6. February 2019, 11:03

Piękny,mądry film .
Interesująca fabuła dla 8 latka,fantastyczne widoczki.Oboje z synem wyszlismy zachwyceni.WARTO !!!

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