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Il traduttore

Directed by: Massimo Natale

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Movie poster Tłumacz
Original title: Il traduttore
Runtime: 95 min.
Production: Włochy / Polska , 2015
Category: drama / thriller
Release Date: 26 August 2016
Distribution: Wistech

Directed by: Massimo Natale
Cast: Kamil Kula, Piotr Rogucki, Marianna Januszewicz

Andrea - young, handsome immigrant studying foreign languages ​​at the University of Trent. The modest apartment he shares with wheels - Ukrainian boyfriend, with whom they work together in a pizzeria. This is not the only work of Andrea. It also works with the Police, where he is a translator. In exchange for this cooperation, the Italian authorities promised Andrei assistance in bringing the Trent his girlfriend Michaela and obtaining her right of permanent residence.

Anna - beautiful, 40letnia woman. The owner of the gallery. Surrounded by a seasoned luxury and aesthetic comfort. Do not give it to her or happiness or fulfillment. We suffer from the tragic death of her beloved husband.

Mihaela. Andrei girl. Loving him more than anything. Patient, dedicated, full of longing, but also hope for a common future.

Anne's diary of her husband. It is this object will connect the three heroes. Diary is written in German. Anna being an Italian is not able to read it myself. Close friend who is also the lecturer Andrei recommended her his help in translating from German to Italian. Andrea undertakes this task. Diary turns out to be a confession of love tragically deceased husband. Who is the addressee. Beautiful Anna? Other woman? Andrea being a translator first discovers the truth .... With every word translated his fascination with Anna increases. Bewildered by her beauty, maturity, a way of understanding and feeling of reality. Andrea does not remain indifferent to it. Young, handsome, brilliant occupies more and more space in her mind. Desire, mutual fascination, the initial unavailability of all this makes is born between them a kind of sensual, sometimes compulsive ties. It's as if they both crossed the gates of the forbidden garden. They were transported to another reality, a world of mutual desires and pleasures. Everything has a price, however, and they both belong to two completely different realities ... How that relationship is love and how much instinctive desire? Whether one can exist without the other and that the state is the first, or more important? How much can you offer passions? As far as this sacrifice is worth it?

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