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Storm: Letters van Vuur

Directed by: Dennis Bots

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Movie poster Storm. Opowieść o odwadze
Original title: Storm: Letters van Vuur
Runtime: 100 min.
Production: Holandia , 2017
Category: family
Release Date: 12 January 2018
Distribution: Nowe Horyzonty

Directed by: Dennis Bots
Cast: Yorick van Wageningen, Laura Verlinden, Peter Van den Begin

Twelve-year-old Storm is a resident of Antwerp - the richest city in sixteenth-century Europe, whose winding streets resemble the interior of Hogwarts. One of the favorite tasks
The boy is helping Dad in the printing house, but their seemingly peaceful life is interrupted
the appearance of a mysterious letter. Its content can change the shape of the world known to them.

When Storm's father is captured by the Inquisition, the boy flees at the last moment
from the printing house, taking with you a matrix with a letter. During the escape he meets the hiding
in the basement of Marieke, a clever and resolute girl who sets off with him
rescue the imprisoned printer. They both do not expect this adventure forever
it will change not only their lives, but also affect the fate of the entire city.

"Storm. The Tale of Courage "takes us to the turbulent realities of the early 16th century,
when Martin Luther initiated the Reformation and led to rapid changes in
Europe. The latest movie by Denis Bots, the author of the award-winning Children's Cinema festival
"Secrets of war" is a thrilling and dynamic story whose atmosphere
younger viewers will remind "Harry Potter" and the older ones - "Sherlock Holmes"
Guy Ritchie.

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