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Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem

Directed by: Bodo Kox

Cinema program "Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem" in Warszawa

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Movie poster Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem
Original title: Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem
Runtime: 103 min.
Production: Polska , 2017
Category: drama / romance / sci-fi
Release Date: 20 October 2017
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Bodo Kox
Cast: Olga Bołądź, Piotr Polak, Sebastian Stankiewicz

"Man with a magic box" - this is an extraordinary story of love that can overcome all the boundaries of space-time. We will star in Olga Bołądź ("Botoks") and Piotr Polak's debut in the lead role. On screen they are: Arkadiusz Jakubik ("Under the Strong Angel"), Agata Buzek ("Innocent"), Bartosz Bielenia ("On the Border"), Bartłomiej Firlet ("Planet of the Singles"), Sebastian Stankiewicz ("Amok") and Helena Norowicz ("Cataract"). The movie "Man with a Magic Box" was placed in the prestigious collection of the 42nd Polish Film Festival nominated for the Golden Lions in Gdynia, and its world premiere will take place during the 22nd International Busan Film Festival.

The director of the film is Bodo Kox, the creator of the award-winning "Girl from the Closet", the best Polish film of the Camerimage IFF. The screenplay "Man with a Magic Box" received a special award in the prestigious ScripTeast competition. Krzysztof Kieslowski in Cannes. Arkadiusz Tomiak ("The Raid", "The Girl from the Wardrobe", "Karbala") and the full-length debut Dominik Danilczyk are responsible for the photos. Scenography is a work of Wojciech Żogała, many times awarded, among others. For the film "Łukasz Palkowski" Gods at the Gdynia Film Festival in 2014. The costumes were created by Katarzyna Adamczyk, who worked with Bodo Kox on his previous film, "Girl in the closet." The character was also awarded in Gdynia for "Gods" - Agnieszka Hodowana. with Małgorzata Szumowska on "Body / Body" and Marcin Wrona on his last film "Demon". The installation is responsible for Milenia Fiedler ("Excentrycy, ie on the sunny side of the street", "Girl from the closet", "Walesa." Man of Hope "," Katyn "). The music of the film was composed by the award-winning Italian artist Sandro Di Stefano.

The film "Man with a Magic Box" was placed in the prestigious collection of the 42nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, nominated for the Golden Lions.

Warsaw, 2030. It would seem that for Adam (Piotr Polak) better tomorrow was ... yesterday. Touched by memory loss, the hero must start all over again. He moves and starts working in a powerful corporation. He is acquainted with her attractive Goria (Olga Bołądź), who is totally enchanted. At first the girl relies on his courtship, stubbornly asserting that she is not her type. However, when the romance gets reddened, the boy makes an unforgettable discovery. In his new apartment he finds an old radio that broadcasts from the 1950s. It turns out that the unusual receiver also emits waves that allow teleportation. During one of the journeys during Adam's time, he "stuck" in 1952. Concerned by the absence of her beloved Goria, she embarks on a fascinating but dangerous mission to bring him back.

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