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Le coeur en braille
Directed by: Michel Boujenah

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Movie poster Miłość pisana braillem
Original title: Le coeur en braille
Runtime: 85 min.
Production: Francja/Belgia , 2016
Category: comedy / drama
Release Date: 9 February 2018
Distribution: Vivarto

Directed by: Michel Boujenah
Cast: Alix Vaillot, Jean-Stan Du Pac, Charles Berling

12-year-old Marie, a good student and talented cellist has a secret - she suffers from an incurable eye disease. And although he is still functioning normally in life, he knows that soon he will be forced to live in total darkness. Parents intend to transfer her to school for the blind but Marie has other plans - she intends to pass the exam to a prestigious music school. To implement this plan, he asks for help from shy Victor - a classmate. Step by step Victor will become Marie's eyes and both will find that they feel nothing and no one can stop.

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