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Honeygiver Among the Dogs

Directed by: Dechen Roder

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Movie poster Miód dla dakini
Original title: Honeygiver Among the Dogs
Runtime: 132 min.
Production: Butan , 2016
Category: mystery
Release Date: 16 February 2018

Directed by: Dechen Roder
Cast: Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk, Sonam Tashi Choden, Chencho Dorji

An investigation into the case of a missing nun from a monastery hidden in the Bhutanese forests, a languorous policeman with a mysterious past and a mysterious woman who seems to know more than others. An extraordinary combination of a noir crime story and a philosophical parable in which Buddhist legends become a commentary for a very contemporary, immersive story.

The grumsy Kinley is investigating the missing prioress hidden in the Bhutanese forests of the monastery. Suspicions of local residents direct the attention of the policeman towards a beautiful newcomer who lives alone and whom they attribute to demonic abilities. Kinley follows her, more and more intrigued by the mysterious figure and her stories, coming from this side of reality, which he has so far ignored with cynicism.

The film of a young Bhutanese director is an original combination of a noir crime story with the poetics of Buddhist parables and a realistic portrait of contemporary Bhutan. In the scenario, Roden uses motifs from the stories of dakini, enlightened women and female Buddhas, personifications of female sexual energy that take care of passing wisdom and practices of past generations, often encountering accusations of black magic and seductive tricks. The protagonist of history is also the captivating mountain nature, accompanying the two heroes in search of the truth and getting to know each other. The background for the story is the social and political realities of the country, which is developing dynamically while trying to save what is the most important cultural identity.

Bhutanese cinematography is barely over a dozen years of history: limited access to television was introduced there in 1999, the first full-length film made entirely by a Bhutanese film crew was created in 2003. The cinema of the "happiest country of the world" is developing in a promising direction - alongside films inspired by Bollywood
and Korean series of television productions, more and more works are being successfully presented at international festivals, successfully combining local aesthetic traditions with the universal language of cinema. "Honeygiver Among the Dogs"
this is a perfect example.

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Movie trailer: Honeygiver Among the Dogs

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