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Serce miłości

Directed by: Łukasz Ronduda

Cinema program "Serce miłości" in Warszawa

Cinema   Monday, 23 April
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Muranów 12:35 ticket
Movie poster Serce miłości
Original title: Serce miłości
Runtime: 78 min.
Production: Polska , 2017
Category: drama
Release Date: 1 December 2017
Distribution: Gutek Film

Directed by: Łukasz Ronduda
Cast: Justyna Wasilewska, Jacek Poniedziałek, Magdalena Cielecka

Love is perfect. There? Does not exist?

Poland, the beginning of the 21st century. The artist is an elusive and experimental musician. Two outsiders, many of whom are connected. Androgynous, slim, hairless, often dressed in identical unisex - look like a male and female version of the same person. Their state of love is like a perverse version of narcissism, because, looking at the lover, they look at their own reflection. In their relationship love transcends art. Intimate creeds and gestures are given an artistic form. Conversely, art is their way of emotional life. They live in a world they have created where they can design and control everything. Everything except your own emotions.

"Heart of Love" directed by Łukasz Rondudy is a fascinating portrait of one of the most original pairs of Polish artistic scene: performer Wojtek Bąkowski and poet and artist Zuzanna Bartoszek. On the screen, in outstanding actresses: Jacek Monday and Justyna Wasilewska.

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Average rate: 3.0
rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0
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Madelaine 10. December 2017, 12:21

Co za undergrundowe!...szkoda ciekawych polskich aktorów na takie dno!

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