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Directed by: Alexander Payne

Cinema program "Downsizing" in Warszawa

Cinema   Wednesday, 24 January
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Atlantic 15:40 ticket 20:45 ticket
Cinema City Arkadia 2d 10:50 ticket 18:20 ticket 21:10 ticket
Cinema City Bemowo 2d 13:10 ticket 20:35 ticket
Cinema City Janki 2d 12:50 ticket 20:40 ticket
Cinema City Mokotów 2d 13:20 ticket 18:40 ticket 21:30 ticket
Cinema City Promenada 2d 10:00 ticket 15:00 ticket 20:30 ticket
Cinema City Sadyba 2d 12:10 ticket 19:10 ticket 22:00 ticket
Kinoteka 12:45 ticket 15:30 ticket 18:15 ticket 21:00 ticket
Multikino Targówek 17:10 ticket
Multikino Ursynów 21:10 ticket
Multikino Wola 21:25 ticket
Multikino Złote Tarasy 21:40 ticket
Muranów 15:30 ticket 18:00 ticket
Movie poster Pomniejszenie
Original title: Downsizing
Runtime: 135 min.
Production: USA , 2017
Category: comedy / drama / sci-fi
Release Date: 12 January 2018
Distribution: UIP

Directed by: Alexander Payne
Cast: Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Christoph Waltz

The film shows what can happen to people and the world, when Norwegian scientists - trying to find a solution to the problem of overpopulation - discover a way to reduce people to only 13 centimeters. They also propose a 200-year program of transforming reality from big to small. People quickly realize how a more comfortable and wealthy life can lead in a miniaturized world. The promise of a better life is also tempting by Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig). They both decide to live in a smaller size and smaller world. This decision changes their lives forever.

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Average rate: 6.0
rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0
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IMDb© rate: Pomniejszenie on IMDb

Movie trailer: Downsizing

Your comments

Marek 17. January 2018, 19:25

Niestety bez rewelacji a potencjał był naprawdę dobry.

Mariposa 14. January 2018, 22:23

Polski King Size zabawniejszy, ale ten tez niezły, ze względu na przesłanie.

H 12. January 2018, 23:05

Ok. Polecam. Zaskakujący, niepowtarzalny i orginalny dramat społeczny z głębokim przesłaniem dla całej ludzkości...

B.Bravo 7. January 2018, 23:08

Very, very interesting! I would like to see this kind of movies made in Europe,
but Europe is today just castrated servant of foreign ideas. „The Downsizing“
is a movie for people, who can think. Even, if not ewery thing is perfect in this
movie, the whole idea is phantastic.

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